Sounak Banerjee


is a contemporary photographer from Calcutta, India. He has nearly 25 years of experience in the field of art and photography.

He is an apprentice of the world famous Magnum photographer, Raghu Rai, who he personally reveres as his Godfather.

Banerjee’s prime area of photography is contemporary streets. He is also an ardent lover of people oriented travel photography. Apart from outdoor, he also has a special love interest in still life photography.

Continuous creative upgrade, has been the most dominant principle of Banerjee’s works. He is known for his variety and diversity in this field. Never sticking to one style, continuously changing and experimenting, this has been his guiding operational methodology.

Banerjee is the recipient of over 500 international awards from over 70 countries and numerous photographic distinctions.

In 2017, Banerjee founded the renowned photography institute at Calcutta, India, “Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography”. His vision in this establishment was an organised and disciplined approach towards photography, and the development of creative contemporary skills in the students. CSCP has grown exponentially since then, and now boasts to have trained over 300 students. It is proud to have produced in such a short time, over 50 award winners with over 350 awards under their belts.